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Being the first company to import seed cleaning equipment from Minneapolis, Swani
Spice Mills Pvt Ltd is known to spark a revolution towards converting India into a global
processing hub. We never stopped, our commitment to innovation and technology
has been consistent.

Spread across 7+ units with a built-up area of 100,000 sq. ft. possessing a state-of-the-art processing technology, Swani Spice is equipped to produce at an annual capacity of over 70,000 mts. The organization is backed by experienced leaders and professionally qualified staff to ensure smooth functioning of the facility. This automated systems facility aspires to reduce human interventions in the process, thus reducing errors and adulteration at vital pain points. To make it a preferred workplace, we have undertaken measures that ensured utmost safety, security, and health of individuals as well as the product. Our commitment to a healthy and comfortable work environment and compliances with legal laws of the land, have also ensured that we have been on multiple occasions felicitated as Responsible Sourcing, Sustainable & Ethical Supply Chain during Sedex Audits by External Audit Groups.


Across Units


Sq.Ft. built-up area


Mts. Annual capacity

Seed Cleaning


This line was started back in the mid 90’s and has been consistently upgraded since then; by adapting to the latest technology available for seed cleaning globally. Different kinds of seeds can be separated when they differ in one or more physical characteristics. Primarily, the line is engaged to remove farm admixtures, insect and rodent excreta, potential allergens and ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants. The Buhler line for cleaning uses Sifters, De-Stoners, Spirals, Indent Cylinders, Gravity Separators, and the latest A+ Multivision Sortex and an On-line Metal Detector. Various controls are in place at the shop floor for identifying and segregation of rejected and cleaned material.

The processing capacity varies from 1 ton to 3 tons an hour as per the
spice seed intended for cleaning

Kibbled Spice and Botanicals Line


Tons of material 
can be processed
per annum

At the facility, pre-crushing lines are installed for the preparation of various cut sizes of chillies, as well as for herbal roots and botanicals. Before crushing, the product is cleaned through different stages. Zig-zag classifiers are used for removing heavy admixtures and stones, which operate according to density difference, and the material is conveyed for further processing.

By regulating air pressure during aspiration of the product, light admixtures and fibers can be removed. We use E1C Sortex machines manufactured by Buhler, it is currently possible to remove fungal-prone chilli pods and discoloured chillies as well. This machine can also be used to remove farm level contaminants that may accompany farm products. The online installation of magnets removes ferrous impurities as well as sifters with varying screen sizes so that the final product fits the required cut size and removes fine powders for better aesthetic appeal.

Parallax Image Parallax Image


Installation of Milling Lines is important to ensure there is minimal human intervention by use of a touch screen PLC Controller. The temperature deltas are critically controlled to prevent overheating which ensures retention of flavour and negligible loss of SHUs, ASTA Colour and Volatile oil of spice blends. At Swani Spice Mills Pvt Ltd, we have installed 3 Milling Lines, each with a capacity higher than the former, to cater to the specific needs of each product/spice.


No Indian Spice Blend is complete without the special roasted flavour.
We have a dedicated Roasting Line with a running capacity of 5000 mts/annum.
These roasters are ideal for making the perfectly desired custom roasted blends, thus guaranteeing
the extra special taste in our spice. Often the degree of roasting is critical in ensuring that we get the perfect flavour and aroma.

5000 mts/annum

Dedicated Roasting Line Capacity

It is the responsibility of R&D Department to prepare recipes, meet the specific requirements
of custom roast blends and to run trials that match the samples provided by the customer.

Steam Sterilization

Steam Sterilization is an environmental-friendly and extremely effective sterilization method. It yields little waste while monitoring multiple parameters like moisture, temperature, time, etc. Buhler’s Global Prototype for Steam Sterilization of Spice is a seamless marriage between the Eurofins validated continues and batch systems for a 5-log reduction.


The main advantages of this facility at our factory is the high temperature, indirect contact and pre-heating, which uses a minimum quantity of steam. The process allows for good retention of volatile oil and minimal colour changes. Flexibility in the system allows for gentle pasteurization or high-temperature sterilization cycles. Very low micro-results can easily be achieved, especially for seasonings where less than 10,000 TPC is required.

Parallax Image

The packaging, post sterilization takes place in a class 100,000 clean room
utilizing hepa filters or high micron filters.

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