Our Philosophy has always been to give back to the source in some form or the other, through welfare, education, charity, environment friendly techniques etc. The culture at Swani is to replenish, nurture, grow and maintain a balance, to live in harmony with the surroundings.

Swani’s Backward Integration program is Rainforest Alliance and Organic Certified
The Swani connect from ‘Land to Lab’, is a concept designed to bridge the gap between Rural Agriculture and Farming, Science and Technology.

Relentlessly working towards this goal, Swani Spice has conceived and executed the following:

Sustainable Farming

Swani’s sustainable Journey started way back in 2006 from the state of Rajasthan with a single spice of Cumin Seeds. Initial efforts were targeted at farming without pesticides and re-enrichment of the soil.

Today, 10 years later, we are proud to announce that Swani has the following products being Sustainably Farmed, Monitored and Certified across states of Maharashtra, Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh.

Field Offices

Swani has established 6 on-sight field offices to cater to the needs of more than 1300 farmers yielding 4650 – 5000 mts.
An area of focus is, providing simple and relatively inexpensive solutions for soil enrichment with the target to increase the farmers’ yields. This helps to reduce in-put costs and increases his revenue.

Soil Testing & Re-enrichment Programme

Soil testing has been carried out by Swani independently and more importantly the analysis has been shared with our farmers. Soil balancing, which is at the heart of the project for a healthier and better crop yield, has been suggested and implemented at the farm level. Here again Swani is implementing the concept of giving back effectively.

The program of re-balancing and re-enrichment of the soil plays an important part in the future of farming, the quality and quantity of the yield, and also the sustainability of the farmer, all of which are directly connected to his livelihood.

Rebalancing of the nutrients and NPK ratios of the soil with the use of specific ingredients tailor made as per the Swani soil analysis reports is one such solution that Swani offers to the farmers.

The farmers are being re-initiated into the simple inexpensive measures of individual composting and community composting which are basics of Good Agriculture Practices (GAP)

The age-old concept of biodegrading waste and its conversion to Mulching, which is eventually being used as Farm Yard Manure (FYM), is also one of the programmes for soil re-enrichment conducted by us.

These programmes also ensure that the usage nitrogen from the natural elements are absorbed in the soil and not released in the atmosphere, contributing to care for the environment.

The combined efforts of Swani and the farmers results in re-enrichment of the soil.

Water Conservation

Going by international forecasts, India, in the next 5 decades is in the Red Zone for freely available water.

Conservation of the existing water table and adding to the Rain Water Harvesting Programme is an initiative that has gained momentum, importance and focus in our environment friendly initiatives.

Swani’s Chilly & Turmeric farming is being done using Drip Irrigation, while Cumin, Fennel, Psyllium, Coriander & Fenugreek are on sprinkler irrigation.

The move from flood irrigation to sprinkler irrigation, as per our calculation, estimates a 50% saving of water. The move to drip irrigation is another 25% saving calculated from flood irrigation.

Plant Protection

With the advancement of the modern technology, science, testing and laws on pesticide residue limits, plant protection also has gained some ground.

Our Food chain cannot be compromised by heavy usage of pesticides and fungicides, heavy metals etc that are detrimental to the health of humanity. Swani’s advanced plant protection programme works towards this end.

Having responsible partners who help to formulate these solutions for Swani, coupled with some inexpensive on-farm solutions made by the farmers used in tandem, ensure the end product complies with the maximum residue limit or MRL.

Sustainable Foresight

Currently there are 8 products that are under this program yielding between 4650 – 5000 mts in 2015. Swani is committed to expanding and consolidating this program every year.

Swani vision is to increase the number of products being sustainably farmed along with an increase in production per spice.

By 2020, Swani will have between 8500 mts – 9000 mts of Sustainably Farmed & Certified produce.

AGREETA – Agricultural Technology Assistance (Customer friendly Software)

This software has been designed keeping in mind the vastness of the programs and increasing the number of products, farms and farmers.

Our aim is to be able to have the latest available data mapped by our Agri Division and viewable though our website to customers who believe and participate in the programme sitting anywhere in the world.

The Analysis of this Data will help evolve a new Agricultural Technology, which is the need of the hour, keeping in mind food security, safety and sustainability for the future.

For details  on participation into the program and viewing our online data, please contact us at

Renewable Energy

Swani has invested into windmills, which are producing renewable energy since the last 8 years. With an average generation of 1.2 million units annually from windmills, Swani is net positive in renewable energy generation after deducting the energy consumption of their facilities and office.