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Sustainable Journey

It has always been embedded in our core values to give back to the society more than what we source, in one form or another. This can be through welfare, education, charity, environment friendly techniques, etc.

This philosophy led to the birth of a Backward Integration Program viz Rainforest Alliance’s Sustainable Agriculture Certification and Organic Certification. With this Backward Integration Program, we have always aimed to bridge the increasing gap between Rural Agricultural Practices and Farming Science and Technology.

We call this initiative “The Green Footprint Program” with the feeling embedded into improving, cleaning and enhancing traceability & transparency through the food chain.


How the journey began!

Our journey for Sustainable Farming began back in the year 2005, in the state of Rajasthan for Cumin Seeds, where we aimed at targeting practicing agricultural techniques without the use of pesticides and re-enrichment of soil in the process of providing an alternative to conventional input-intensive agriculture. Today, more than 15 years later, we’re proud to have been working with more than 8000 farmers across 30 field offices across 10000 acres of pesticide-free land. Sustainable Agriculture and Precision Farming became a consistent practice for us, because not only did it increase importance on pesticide compliance globally but reduced the harvest and storage wastage through our responsible supply chain management.

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