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Spices are an integral part of our food. In fact, in India it is almost impossible to imagine food
without any spices in it. Indian foods without spices are almost like baking cake without sugar.
They are so synonymous with India not only because they shape Indian Foods but also because they’re
known to shape India’s history. Ever since the Middle Ages, Indian spices have had enormous value. With heavy
demand, the star of the show “Black Pepper” also known as black gold, was also valued at the worth of an individual’s life.


However, unlike earlier times when monopolies
dominated spice trade, commerce in spice is
now relatively decentralised.

Throughout the world, spice and herbs are
frequently used in multiple cuisines, thus introducing
new trades, and bringing out new flavours in the dish.

At Swani Spice, we have a dedicated team that is working round-the-clock to aspire to increasing demands of customers by developing new and improved products and combination blends each day.

With over 250+ spice blends developed at Swani, it has always been our mission to ensure the blends are conceptualised and formulated as per the required taste, keeping in mind the regulatory requirement for Allergens and Pesticides MRL.



Spice Blends Developed At Swani


Sensory Tasting

It is first necessary to analyse the sensory characteristics of the control sample before creating any new spice mix or blend. After an evaluation of all organoleptic parameters by the R&D team, a basic recipe is designed. By creating a blend based on a formulated recipe, a control sample can be compared to it. This process is repeated until the formulated recipe is comparable to the control sample. Following aging, it is sent to customers for evaluation or, if it is an in-house blend, we run appropriate trials for testing its application. Following the approval of the team, we send out the samples to consumers and gauge their response.

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