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It has been our constant endeavour to provide the highest degree of purity in spice.
With changing trends in the consumer market, there is always the need to build bias over the competitors
to gain a better bargaining power over other suppliers. To understand the need for private labelling and
its impact, we did some research and some of the major pain points discovered incl. competitive edge
by creating cost effective leadership, better margins with wider price options for end consumer, consumer
loyalty and unique product differentiators.

At Swani Spice, we have installed various packing machines that not only saves floor space, but
also requires minimal operator intervention, eliminating contamination risks and maximizing product
sterility and quality. The FFS Machines have 4 vertical forms viz.

FFS Machines with Dual Feeding System.

Multi-head Filling System for packing of whole products.

Auger Filling System for powder products.

Pouch orientation i.e., pillow pouch with three side seal.

PFS -Pick Fill Seal Machine - with ability to handle a wide variety of pouches from conventional 3 side pouches to stand-up pouches with press to close or slider zippers & flat bottom pouches with zippers, etc.


PFS -Pick Fill Seal Machine - for packing of material in preformed pouches like doy or stand-up pouches or normal pillow pouches.

Using the FFS Machines, we have the flexibility to a wide range of packaging options like 8 gm, 10 gm, 25 gm, 50 gm, 100 gm, 500 gm, 1 kg, etc.

Good Packaging not only prevents waste but also ensures that food retains its desired quality throughout its shelf life. Hence, we consider it one of our utmost priorities to give the due importance deserved.

Depending upon the physical characteristics of a product, different kind of packaging requirements need to be met. At Swani Spice, we’re equipped to meet any such demands.

We offer a wide range of packaging options for various reasons with the objective to improve our brand image, and to adopt versatile and flexible route basis size of the product. a wide range of packaging options has also proven to be a successful strategy in cutting down operational costs. There are also separate packaging options in case of Carton Packaging, these incl.


In plain laminated print with a sticker or print on the pouch.

In a generic printed film with online printing of product name and batch code on machine.

In product specific printed laminated films.

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