“If food be the Spice of life, Flavor it with variety” - SWANI

Chefs tickled the Palate in infinite ways, depending on the Cuisine of the local regions. This helped open the minds of various ethnic groups around the World to sample, taste and appreciate the Foods and Flavours from Tropical Lands, where the all Spices grow.

Spices, and especially Pepper which was termed “Black Gold” in the Mediaeval times, is what brought the Portuguese to India, and sent Christopher Columbus searching in the wrong direction, and he landed in America instead of India. Such was the passion for Spices.

Swani Corporation & Swani Spice Mills are there since 1864, witnessing the past & now shaping the future of the Spice Industry.

Our Forte is:
Spices - Whole and Ground, Blends and Seasonings Botanicals – Whole and Cut Sizes Oilseeds - Sesame(Natural, Hulled, Roasted), Flax Seed, Safflower…